Julie Weber works conceptually and reflexively within the framework of photography. Founded in research and experimentation, Weber’s practice pushes and pulls at conventional methods behind the making of images. In turn, materials themselves and the processes they undergo largely becomes the subject of her work. The medium’s documental yet ephemeral nature and its changeable relation to perceptibility are core tenets of her work.

2014  MFA Photography, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL
2006  BA Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, Dominican University, River Forest, IL

Solo Exhibitions
2017  Dark Adaptation, Bert Green Fine Art, Chicago, IL
2016  Selected Works, Waubonsee Community College Library, Aurora, IL
         CMY, Lillstreet Art Center Rooftop Gallery, Chicago, IL
         Light Chronology, For the Thundercloud Generation, Chicago, IL
Group Exhibitions
2017  Extra Sensory: Process and Photography, Perspectives Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
2016  Materials & Processes, Silver Eye Center for Photography, Pittsburgh, PA
         Material Flex, Johalla Projects, Chicago, IL
         Blueprints, Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center, Chicago, IL
         Century Safe, Roman Susan, Chicago, IL
         Home Viewing, with Hui-min Tsen, hosted by Alberto Aguilar, Chicago, IL
         Framed Occurrences, O'Connor Art Gallery, River Forest, IL
2015  The Dissemination of Blind Light, Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago, IL
         Faculty, Arrowhead Room Waubonsee Community College, Sugar Grove, IL
         Rafael E. Vera: Mutual Dealings, Bert Green Fine Art, Chicago, IL
         Photography Meet Painting, The Observatory, Chicago, IL
         Radiance, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL
         Closer Still, Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago, IL
2014  Ground Floor, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL
         Faculty, Arrowhead Room, Waubonsee Community College, Sugar Grove, IL
         You Come and Go, Columbia College Chicago Library, Chicago, IL
         Thesis, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL
         MFA Thesis Exhibition, Glass Curtain Gallery, Columbia College Chicago, IL
         Capture Effect, with Anastasia Samoylova, 3433, Chicago, IL
2013  Alumni Exhibition, Dominican University, River Forest, IL
         Archetype Drift, Johalla Projects, Chicago, IL
Collaborative Exhibitions
2017  Nasty Women Art Chicago, Moonlight Studios, Chicago, IL
         Property, Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society, Chicago, IL
2015  Hideous Beast presents Survival: PR, Comfort Station, Chicago, IL
2014  In Light of Surface, with Phaedra Call, Biblio Exhibitions, Lyons, IL
2013  Argus: Organic Visual Archive, Johalla Projects, Chicago, IL

Email for full CV: info (at) julielweber (dot) com
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